Here at Blitz Sport, all levels of skill and/or experience are welcome to attend all of our core classes.



Our Blitz Fitness classes are high-intensity interval training focusing on safe technique while sweating your way to results. Classes are a challenging combination of speed, agility, core strength, body weight and circuit drills incorporating state of the art equipment such as: battle ropes, climbing ropes, dog sled, farmer walk handles, a variety of grip systems, kettlebells, dumbbells, ladders, medicine balls, plyo boxes, jump ropes, resistance bands, air bike, versa climber, versa pulley and versa rower.

Great for burning hundreds of calories and then some. You can’t hide from sweat during Blitz Fitness!

WHAT TO BRING: athletic clothing & athletic shoes



Our Cardio Kickboxing classes are high-intensity interval training incorporating basic kicking and punching combinations on 100 lb heavy bags. It’s the perfect class to burn hundreds of calories, increase muscular strength and cardio endurance.

Classes will include cardio calisthenics, bag work and core strengthening exercises.

*Kicking is not mandatory in these classes if Boxing is your focus.

WHAT TO BRING: hand wraps, 12, 14 or 16 oz. boxing gloves
OPTIONAL: bare foot, boxing/wrestling or athletic shoes

We do not provide loaner boxing gloves for hygienic purposes. Should you wish to purchase a pair, we sell a wide selection of gloves in facility or we’d be happy to recommend an outside source.



Functional Strength Training classes focus on building raw speed, power, explosiveness and strength. Various forms of equipment will be used in each class, including traditional strength equipment (barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc) and odd objects (Sandbags, farmer handles, sleds, etc).

After a group dynamic warm-up, classes will be focused around core Olympic/Power lifts, with an emphasis on proper form and technique. Unilateral, plyometric, and strongman accessory movements will follow the main lift of the day for extra gains!

Each class will conclude with an instructor-led cool down/mobility session to prevent injury and prepare you for victory tomorrow!



Our Boxing classes are for all levels covering the techniques of Western-Style Boxing. Classes focus on footwork, “fast twitch” movement, strategic offense, defensive moves (slipping, dipping, blocking), clinching, counter strikes and various combinations.

Classes utilize pad training, partner drills, heavy bag work, fighting conditioning drills, full contact partner drills and optional full contact sparring with coach’s approval.

WHAT TO BRING: hand wraps (180”), boxing gloves (14, 16, or 18 oz.), mouth piece, athletic shoes
OPTIONAL: bare foot, boxing or wrestling shoes, head gear if you plan to spar



Our Thai Boxing program is heavily influenced on building strong footwork and hand combinations to set up kicks, knees and elbows.

Strength & conditioning plays a large part in our program to help elevate the athletes level of endurance while compiling a strong base of proper technique and understanding of striking.

Classes will be covering a wide range of both attack and defense techniques using hands, shins, knees and elbows. These classes will also include: body hardening exercises, bag work, mitt work, pad work, full contact partner drills and optional full contact sparring with coach’s approval.

WHAT TO BRING: hand wraps (180”), boxing gloves (14, 16 or 18 oz.), shin pads, mouth piece, athletic shoes
OPTIONAL: head gear if you plan to spar



Our Wrestling classes are the most physically demanding classes we have to offer. Designed to teach various aspects of wrestling applicable to submission grappling and MMA competition, our wrestling classes are beneficial for everyone. These classes cover a wide range of techniques from Freestyle and Folkstyle to Greco-Roman.

In these classes you will learn to control your aggression all while imposing your determination and discipline on your opponent.

“Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.” -Dan Gable

WHAT TO BRING: athletic clothing
OPTIONAL: wrestling shoes and mouthpiece

*NOT PERMITTED: tank tops, zippers, buttons, jewelry, metal, plastic



Our No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program focuses on the situational application of technique and Jiu-Jitsu strategy. Classes consist of: additional conditioning, technical instruction and drilling, situational drilling, positional sparring and free sparring or “rolling”.

All beginners must go through a mandatory 16 week “Road to blue belt” course before attending our intermediate/advanced classes.

WHAT TO BRING: Blitz ranked rash guard and/or dry fit (Mandatory), spats/tights, training shorts w/ velcro, elastic or drawstring, bare feet

*NOT PERMITTED: tank tops, zippers, buttons, jewelry, metal, plastic



Our Youth Grappling program (No Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Wrestling) is a “Bully Proof System” which is designed to provide a safe and controlled environment for your child to learn a variety of martial arts techniques that will give them a well-rounded understanding of self-defense, whether it be standing or on the ground.

This program is designed to put all your child’s newly developed skills together whether it be for real life situations or competition.

In this program our instructors lay the foundation of good fitness habits for your child to carry with them through life.
Our classes are a great way for kids to stay active and have fun while building greater self-esteem, self confidence, discipline, respect and focus.

WHAT TO BRING: athletic clothing

*NOT PERMITTED: tank tops, zippers, buttons, jewelry, metal, plastic